About: my homepages RENOVATION: The page system has undergone a logical change (20.8.2002) and though most links should be working logically, I may not have noticed all inconsistencies. If you wish to send bug reports, please do so. LANGUAGE: The pages are mostly in english, but some parts are in finnish. The reason is that the page was created both as a hobby and as something to show to people, both from Finland and from abroad. The parts that are in finnish (mainly larp and histel, I think) are mainly aimed for use by finnish friends and acquaintances.

My home page (http://www.hut.fi/~juheikki/) was created in the early years of web, it was not among the very first, but before the time of Netscape anyway. At that time I was a beginning student at HUT. The year may have been 1994 or earlier. It was extremely simple by todays standards.

The second major version came with the rise of Netscape, maybe a year later or so, this time I used images too. Even on the background. Shortly after I took over maintaining the SHUT home page and made a great renewal on that as well. Since then many people have maintained them, none of my design remains, I think.

The third major version was brought upon these pages by the "Milla Catastrophy" after which I needed something else to involve myself with, and Web Design seemed a wiser choice than alcohol or some other intoxication. This version had the sandy background, oval framed face image, explorer text on the left, and the (still remaining) quotes from Star Trek and Tennyson. This was in the end of 1996.

Then the main page remained quite static over the years. Some event did happen though:

The profile page was created.

The Babylon 5 pages disappeared from main page links.

Link page was renewed into a frame design to allow all the needed links to fit somewere. This was in 1999, based on the copyright notice on the link table of contents :)

Larp page was created, maybe in 2000?

This page was created. And so it begins...
2002-03-26 I had joined a medieval history re-enactment society Elävä Keskiaika ("Living Medieval Times"). Thus a keskiaika/ (medieval period) directory was created as a place to collect links and put my stuff. Not much to see, but mostly for personal use. Not linked.

2002-06-15 The keskiaika/-directory was renamed to histel/-directory, since I had been enticed by Arwen (Nina Talvela) to join the Greywolves historical re-enactment society, which emphasized the viking era of Finland. The new term is more comprehensive.

2002-08-19 The main page was updated into the same format with the link pages, which now had become the meat of the site. I had long since grown tired of the old look and decided it was time to do something.

2002-08-19 Corrected logical linking from home.html to link page to place only the general.html in the view-frame, not the links/index

2002-11-02 After finally finding out why the stylesheets did not work properly on some browsers, I corrected them, or at least I hope I corrected all of them. Hopefully text is now visible on all the pages. Its hard to figure out a problem that appears different on all browsers. (All in this case is: IE6, Netscape7, Opera6)
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