IRC. Back to IRC. A Guide to entity JPX

After some four years of practically no IRC, I have come back. In theory, this is thanks to the people at Alterego reneissance dance group, who talked me to hanging in the #alterego channel, and now I find myself hanging on some other channels as well. Here are some places where I can be found:
I also managed to add myself the Finnish IRC Gallery

Online habits: These days my ircing is more idle hanging than active participation, mostly due to other things to do. And I don't plan to get overly addicted either. I usually stay logged on from both home and work and you should by default expect the IRC window to be buried under other things unless you see me active.

Background: I often use my initials, jph, for many things, however, during the earlier ircing era, 95-98 or so, that was often reserved and I disliked the idea of using special characters as part of my nick, so I changed the H into an X. Partly this was also due to the fact that I never had a "weird, cool, yet nifty" nick that I would have liked. Maybe someone would come up with one...

Variants: Plain jpx, jpx_ or jpx- should denote that I'm close to the computer. Unless stated otherwise jpx is home, jpx_ is work and jpx- is some third computer (like my laptop or a friends computer etc.) At times I use extra variants to describe my status, but often I's too lazy to use them or forgot them on, or something. Anyway, including but not limited:
H = Home
W = work
a/aw = away
f/fo = food
lu = lunch
gym = off to gym
i/id/idle = idle, usually doing something around the house
Thus: jpx-W, jpx-Haw, jpx-Wlu etc. I do have the bad tendency to forget IRC when leaving, so don't count on the activity indicators. H/W should be quite reliable though.

Other: I have also collected some abbreviations commonly used in net talk, that may be helpful, if you're new to them.
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